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Survive Style 5+

Posted on Monday November 17, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

Today we had a party for JCS to celebrate our success at the Folk Fair. We ordered pizza from Toppers, Takoyaki from Shanghai and then watched a movie together. The movie we picked was recommended by Tom, the Vice President. I really really liked what he picked:

Survive Style 5+

One of the strangest movies you’ll ever see. It followed five different, completely bizarre, connecting and unconnecting plots. It was so bizarre it was brilliant. One of the stories is about a man who kills his wife every day, buries her in the woods and comes back to find her wearing new clothes and alive. When he finds her, she tries to kill him again. Another story is about two assassins who run a “killing people” business where people can hire them to kill people. On the walls of their business hangs photos of all the people they’ve killed. The weirdest one is probably about a business man who gets hypnotized to be a bird. Then, mid-hypnosis, those killers who run the killing business kill the hypnotist, trapping the man in the mind of a bird for the remainder of the film. Actually, I really can’t describe this movie… You have to see it though!! It’s incredibly entertaining and will change your life.

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