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Happy Halloween 2008!

Posted on Saturday November 01, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

And a Happy November too! I do like Halloween a lot, probably one of my favorite holidays. Fortunately, it landed on a Friday this year. And because of leap year it will also land on a Friday next year. This Halloween was good. I even made a good bunch of money right before Halloween for fixing a girl’s laptop. But, before we go into Halloween photos, I found a really sweet Folk Fair photo that got lost in the shuffle and was never posted.

Us holding the fish! Great. Now for some Halloween fun:

First, Beth came to work dressed like this…

It’s a clown costume she made by herself. It’s funny because she’s the only one that dressed up at the office. Everytime she blinked her huge eyelashes went everywhere. That’s our boss Kyle standing with her.

After work, Bryan and I went to Coffee Hour – but they were pretty much dispersed by the time we showed up due to it being Halloween. After that, we went to eat at Great Wall. After eating, we went to Bryan’s house to finish setting up his costume. He went as Rorschach from Watchmen. I went as… well, I found these doo-dads at Bryan’s house. Here’s Tucker wearing my costume before I put it on:

We went back to my dorm to grab my camera. Then, Jessie showed up and took some photos with us. Here’s Jessie with the Joker (Mike Renner):

And with the guitarist (Mike Barnet) and Rorschach (Bryan):

After that, we went to Water Street. There were a lot of people dressed up.

Fun. We met up with Jenna and Piper (by the way, Jenna and I broke up. She decided she likes Bryan) and went to Racy’s:

My costume!

Rorschach thinks further investigation is necessary.



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