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Burn After Reading

Posted on Sunday September 21, 2008 at 1:00am in

Today was Orientation for Study Abroad Spring 2009. Bryan and I got up at 8 to go check in and get it over with. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the whole day a lot. I thought it would be very boring and last too long like most orientations. This was a good experience though, I really got into it. I got there, checked in, sat down with the rest of the people going to Japan (I’m the only one going to Nagasaki, though!) It started off pretty quickly with a bunch of relevant information and friendly greetings. Then, the separated us by country and we got to talk with our groups and peer adviser all about the trip. It was small and personal and we got to ask all the questions we had. Turns out I will be able to travel around the other islands fairly easily and also will be able to get a bike for day to day transportation. Next semester there are five people going to Japan including me.

After orientation got over, Bryan and I went to go see the new Coen Brothers film: Burn After Reading. This poster sums everything up pretty well…

There is a lot of talent in this movie. It’s a gem and one of the top five movies of ’08. See it!

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