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I sense many parking tickets in my future...

Posted on Wednesday September 03, 2008 at 1:00am in

Today was the first day of classes. I woke up at 7 and got to work at 8 for First Net Impressions. At 11:30, I left for my first class, Japanese. Unfortunately, I only have a half hour between work and when class starts to get back to campus and then find a parking spot when the campus is most busy (people bustling everywhere to get to classes). Thirty minutes just isn’t enough time to find a spot, especially with a Residential Hall Permit (this means I’m only allowed to park in the dorm lots). So, reluctantly I had to park at a metered spot in order to make it to Japanese on time (I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot) and got my first ticket of the semester.

Japanese class looks like fun, but much more difficult. Not just difficult, but more work as well. Japanese 202 already had too much work in it, but I guess it has to be done. I am pretty out of practice in speaking Japanese and the professor is much stricter this year on English speaking in the classroom. Already we have a large essay due on Friday.

After Japanese I went to lunch with a bunch of friends at the Terrace. It was tasty as it usually is. After lunch I had Economics 104 (Macro-econ) which doesn’t really interest me, but it’s worth some credits and will probably be easy aside from the busy work. I was supposed to have an Asian Religions class at 5, but I had written down a room that didn’t exist on my schedule and spent about a half hour looking for a room that wasn’t even there. So, I missed my first Asian Religions class and on top of that the bookstore was out of the textbook for that class.

After all that, I went to my parents house to pick up a few things and was very sleepy. I only got to see them for a few minutes and then decided to go. I stopped by Brian and Jenna’s and they were busy watching a Supernatural (some TV show they are very into) marathon. It was pretty uninteresting to me and I fell right asleep. When I woke up I decided to go back to the dorms and get something to eat for supper. Then, I went back to the dorms to do dishes, shave, and plan for tomorrow. And that’s my first day!



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