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The Kite Runner

Posted on Sunday August 03, 2008 at 1:00am in

I just finished reading the Kite Runner. It was an amazing book, one of the best I’ve ever read. I just couldn’t stop reading once I was on the second half. Just really really well written and an amazing story as well. The imagery is so detailed it feels like you are there for everything that happens in the story, like you can look back on events in the book and think of them as your own memories. If you’re going to read a book this year, I’ll make it easy for you. Read The Kite Runner.

After work today, Bryan and I went to Racy’s with Colin. However, they apparently closed early (this happens from time to time). So, we went to Holiday and got a bunch of post it notes and a large marker. We wrote a bunch of messages expressing our despair over the premature closing of this fabulous coffee shop and posted them on their door over their posted hours which state that they are open until midnight.

If you can’t read the post-its…

from top to bottom, right to left: “I was but 2 punches from a free beverage”

“We really just wanted a drink @ 11:30”

“ “

“^ This post-it was intentionally left blank”

“Sad face”

“So much so that we went and bought these post its and marker”

“Where else to go Saturday night when <21?”

“I don’t like coffee but smoothies are good”

“smiley face”

“Drew, Bryan, C-Low”

We went to Jeff and Jim’s instead. Maybe next Saturday they won’t close so early.



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