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Bryan's 20th, Persepolis, Other...

Posted on Wednesday July 30, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

It’s been such a busy weekend I haven’t had time to update at all. Let’s see… I don’t even remember what I did Friday anymore. I know it was something, but what it was escapes me at the moment. Anyway, Saturday was Bryan’s 20th birthday. After I got off work I went over to Kevin’s and we watched Batman Begins, played guitar and video games. Around 7:00, Bryan was back in town from a birthday trip to Minnesota with his family and we met him for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. The gift I got Bryan was a bit of brilliance, I think. I got him a miniature pet cactus! Here it is with Bryan holding it at Racy’s:

He pretty much loved it. Best birthday gift ever.

I’ve been hanging out with Brian Burce (not the one that just turned 20) and Jenna a lot lately. One day last week Brian suddenly decided he wanted his lip pierced. So, Jenna said she’d do it for him. I said I’d film it. And so here you have it!

Ta-da! Good times.

On Sunday we went and saw Dark Knight again. I didn’t need or particularly want to see it again, but Mike said he’s pay for me and wanted to go see it again. So we saw it again and it was good. Again. If you haven’t seen it yet, you probably should get on that. Oh and before the movie I got to ride Bryan’s moped around!


Yesterday Bryan, Brian, Jenna, Sarah, and I went to see Persepolis at Back Alley Movie Night. It was a pretty cool set up. They just put a huge projector up in a back alley downtown and show a movie. I’ve never gone to it before but I was interested in seeing Persepolis. This is what it looked like, excuse the quality of the photo… My cell phone camera is not the greatest:

People have a bunch of chairs set up and in front where it says “Whys” is where the screen is. Anyway, Persepolis was very good!

I enjoyed it quite a bit but thought the ending was a bit abrupt. It was very entertaining though. I recommend it!



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