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Posted on Tuesday July 08, 2008 at 1:00am in

It’s been a busy week! My first week at Holiday was packed full of hours, so that’s mostly what I’ve been doing. On Saturday I spent some time with Bryan and Colin. And on Sunday I spent some time with the other Brian. I went over to his apartment since I had yet to see it and his room-mate had been wanting to meet me. Ended up being pretty fun and I spent the night. Today I had guitar lessons with Michael and afterwords Bryan met up with us to go see Hancock. It looked good. It had potential. But, it fell short in so many ways.

It couldn’t decide whether it was a comedy or an action film. If it had picked one and either made more jokes or gave the film a more serious feel it could have been better. But the main two things holding it back was the poor cinematography (the movie is mostly a bunch of close-ups on the actors’ faces with the camera going in and out of focus so you can’t ever see the whole scene) and the ending. Actually, the whole second half of the movie just went in a crazy direction that I like at all. Can’t say I recommend this.

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