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The Love Guru, Swordfish, Job Interviews and More

Posted on Wednesday June 25, 2008 at 1:00am in

First, a few movies:

The Love Guru

Was okay. As far as comedies go, it didn’t make me laugh nearly as much as Austin Powers. It’s too bad, but I kind of expected it wouldn’t be a riot when the bad reviews started rolling in. The film was incredibly linear even for a comedy, jokes were almost entirely based on physical humor (if you’re into that, this might be your flick) and the central love theme was very implausible. I doubt that someone like Jessica Alba would (or anyone really) would ever fall for someone like Guru Pitka (Mike Myers; aka person with ridiculous beard in image above). Can’t say I recommend this. They tried too hard to make jokes funny that had no shot to begin with. And the few moments that did seem to click were just drug down by the several weak attempts everywhere else in the movie. This movie had a funny premise, but the script was not up to par for a Mike Myers movie. For shame, Mike Myers!


Now this is a movie I enjoyed. Aside from the computer jargon which made no sense, it had a great plot and great characters. The movie didn’t have your typical action flick bad guys, it was a little more complicated than that. Initially, the villains are portrayed as evil, sacrificing whoever they need to to reach their goals. But, later in the movie it is revealed that they too are fighting for what they believe to be noble ideals. The fresh and exciting action along with very interesting plot make this a very memorable movie. If you haven’t seen Swordfish yet, I highly recommend it.

And now, a game:

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

My goodness, it’s finally here. The last installment in the Metal Gear Solid epic, Guns of the Patriots. This game has been hyped for months now and Hideo Kojima didn’t disappoint. The story picks up where Metal Gear Solid 2 left off, playing as a much older Solid Snake. It is sad to see the main character grow so old after spending so much time playing as him when he was younger. Otacon is my favorite character and they did a great job of keeping him that way. Raiden returns after disappearing after the events in MGS2 and is looking a lot like Gray Fox. Raiden’s character was much better than in MGS2 and it was disappointing to not be able to play as him in this game.

Other than not getting to play Raiden at all, this game was great. It was very cinematic, had an amazing story, and great new elements. I do however have a few gripes.

1. Not enough gameplay! This game is almost half movie!
2. Seriously, why would you make Raiden so amazing and then not let us play as him?
3. Not enough plot twists for my tastes. Metal Gear 2 had so many delicious plot twists and seeing everything unfold as I expected was a disappointment. On the other hand, it was a good ending to the series. It was very sad, as expected. But, I think you will be surprised by the secret ending that plays after the credits role.

I found an amazing wallpaper. It’s the best one I’ve seen in a few months:

Click here to view the just the wallpaper by itself.

Yesterday I had a job interview at a Xenex convenience store. The interview went well and I was offered the job. However, the place is over a half hour drive away. For that reason, I will have to turn it down. Fortunately, I have another interview lined up tomorrow morning.

Today I went and got the treasurer box for JCS. This year we will start off with $255. Justin, the previous president and Shinno Sensei talked with me for almost 2 hours about upcoming and important events for JCS and treasurer duties. It sounds like a lot to keep track of, but I think I will be fine. Speaking of a lot to keep track of, I have a lot of Study Abroad forms due on July 3rd. I have been working on getting them filled by finding a faculty reference to use. Kakegawa Sensei said that she would recommend me for the trip. Then, I need to have a doctor fill out one of the forms saying that I am physically fit to travel. That, and I need to fill out grant and scholarship forms along with accomodation needs and so on. It’s quite an ordeal, but I suspect that after these forms are turned in, the worst of the paperwork will have been completed. After getting the box, I came back home and we went to pick Mom up from work and go to her work picnic. It was tasty and all, but I definately ate more than I should have. After the picnic, I went bowling with Bryan, Kayla, and Larry. It was a lot of fun and we got free games (I finally got to use my free bowling coupons I’ve had for years). After bowling, we went to Shanghai and hung out there for a while, eating more food. Shanghai is always good times.

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