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Weekend, Movies and a Book

Posted on Monday June 02, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

This weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday, I had dinner with my parents and Bryan came over. We installed the new fans for my computer as mentioned in my last post. I am still pretty underwhelmed by them. I thought with all the reading I did on the different types of case fans I had made a good choice. Oh well, all I need to do is get some 3 pin to 4 pin connection adapters and I can hook them both up to fan controllers to lower their speed. This should fix the noise problem at least. Michael also came over on Friday and we just hung out here. On Saturday my parents left to go on some trip. I did some errands during the day – got a battery back up for my computer so it is now safe from lightning storms. In the evening I got together with Bryan and we went to Shanghai to spend that $20 card that Larry got me for my birthday. We had a buffet of sushi. I tried 章魚(octopus) and 鰻(eel) for the first time. The octopus was very good but much less chewy than I had braced myself for. I think that part got hyped too much. The eel was alright, but I thought it was kind of bland for how tasty I was told it is. After Shanghai, Mike met up with us and went to Racy’s.

Sunday, I woke up and my parents were still away. So, I had some pizza and got ready for the day when Larry called and asked me to come play softball with him and some friends. So, I dropped off Mackenzie at her friend’s house and then went to play softball. I wish I would have known I would be in the sun for five hours before I forgot to wear sunscreen. We played ball with such bright characters as Justin from JCS, Kayla from JCS, Tom, Andy, Dane and so on. After the game, people started to disperse and it was just Justin and I left. Mikako Sensei came by to pick Justin up and bring him to the Taste of Eau Claire. She said that I should go to. Having no plans, I said I would.

I had never been to Taste of Eau Claire before. It’s a large gathering of restaurants from all over the city displaying their food for sampling in Phoenix Park. It was fun, I didn’t eat much though. That about covers the weekend. Now for some movies and a book:

Broken Flowers.

A Bill Murray movie! Not a whole lot to say here. It’s a lot like Lost in Translation. If you liked that as I did, I think you will like Broken Flowers. It is about a man who finds out he may have a son of nineteen years old who he has never met. He embarks on a road trip to visit possible mothers who he has not seen in decades to see if he can possibly find his son. I should warn you however that the ending is not very satisfying and seems to cut the movie short. That aside, I recommend this movie.

うなぎ(The Eel)

A Japanese horror (I question this categorization. It was more of a drama) movie from director of 黒い雨(Black Rain), Shohei Imakura. It was a good movie. Not many twists or anything, all pretty predictable. Also, I didn’t understand why the woman tried so hard to impress a man who showed no interest and in fact continued to discourage her. I didn’t think the relationship was very believable. Actually, I think this movie had a great lesson that I had not seen yet represented in a movie. If you can find this one, I do recommend it.

Finally, a book. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

Known for its famous line “So it goes,” Slaughterhouse-Five is already a widely known book. I suppose that most people have already read this. This was my first read of the book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The book focuses on a weakling in World War II named Billy Pilgrim who was a prisoner of war in Germany and survived the Dresden fire-bombings. He is a peculiar man who seems to live the events of his life in a random order, time traveling back and forth through different occurrences. Predicting and reliving his own death, then going back to the night of his honeymoon he seems to drift through life infinitely. It truly is a wonderful book, incredibly interesting, and shows a fascinating view of life and war.



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