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Posted on Sunday May 11, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

It’s been a big weekend and it’s not even over yet. Mostly it’s been a lot of JCS stuff going on. The last week of actual classes is now over and all that remains is Finals. It will be very easy for me since I have only one real final (Econ). At the end of next weekend, I will be done with college for the year and back at home. I will miss it here, but soon I will be back.

On Friday after class I went to the last coffee hour of the year!! It was a lot of fun. Someone brought squid-jerky… I thought it was very strange. All of the Japanese people loved it, though.

People eating Squid Jerky

掛川先生!!(Kakegawa Sensei)

A Few of Us

After the last coffee hour of the year I walked up to Mike’s dorm to practice our script for our Japanese skit. We are doing select scenes from Pulp Fiction. We now have it memorized and are ready to go on Monday! After that, I went to the KT End of the Year Cookout for some free food and talking to people from the dorm. That was a lot of fun… Then, Bryan came over for a while. Eventually we went over to Mike’s dorm again but he was out seeing Iron-Man. So, we decided to go home. Bryan had to work in the morning so he had to go to bed. I decided to visit a new friend working Security at my dorm who’s name I can’t pronounce yet. Seriously, her name is like sixteen syllables. That was fun, she is from Mongolia so she had a lot of interesting things to say. At 3, we finally turned in for the night.

Today was also a big day. I went and visited Bryan at his work, ate lunch with him, and around 5:30 the JCS End of the Year BBQ started. Unfortunately, the weather was not as nice as the KT picnic so we had to have it indoors at KT. We made things in the oven…kind of like it was a grill – only not.

Maiya-chan playing Ping-Pong.

I beat Kakegawa Sensei at Ping Pong. It was such a fierce match that no pictures could be taken that were not blurs. Before the final blow was dealt she vowed she would lower my grade if I beat her! I was not deterred however, and scored the winning point.

The festivities lasted until 9pm. New leaders of the club were elected since all of them were graduating…very sad. JCS just won’t be the same without them! The new President is now Kayla Ambers, the new Vice President is now Tom Koheler and finally the new treasurer: me!

On the upper left in the black shirt is the 100 and 102 Japanese Teacher: Mikako Sensei. The middle back is me, and to my left is Melissa Pipkorn, the previous JCS Treasurer. On her left is Justin Aukema, the previous president and a great guy. He will be going to live in Japan for the next two years in Chiba. When I am in Japan next spring, I will try to visit him. I am very much looking forward to going! On the bottom right in the white shirt is the new JCS President, Kayla Ambers.

Jyane – Peasu!

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