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Posted on Sunday April 06, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

Missed a good shot for an April Fools’ Joke. It seems like every April Fools’ Day I never have any good pranks planned. I always realize the day before “oh shoot, tomorrow is April Fools’! Ah well, too late to plan something now.” Oh well, hopefully you had a good April 1st. I heard of some great pranks, such as this one.

This week has been busy with a lot of papers due, and one more large paper due Tuesday. It’s on the cultural analysis of a film. I chose A Clockwork Orange. On Friday, Japanese Cultural Society (JCS) went to Robbin’s Elementary school to help the kids make boys’ day carp (鯉) and play games with them. When we played games they cheated a lot. I guess I forgot how much second graders cheat. After that, Shiho read them all a story – it was really funny I thought. Shiho is very eccentric.

After we were done at the school, it was getting to be 4:00 so we decided to go to Shanghai for sushi happy hour. After that, we stayed there for dinner. Larry showed up for his shift at 5:30 and then he came by to chat for a bit. After Shanghai I went over to Bryan’s and we watched Paprika, a strange surreal film from the makers of Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers.

It was very strange and confusing. Bryan liked it a lot he said, I was confused the whole movie. It was a lot like Perfect Blue in the sense that it was creepy and confusing. I will say that it had a fantastic soundtrack, though. It also tried a lot of new things, so I guess it gets points for being bold. I dunno if I liked it, I still need to think about it more.

Then today Bryan, Chris, Veronica and I watched the Big Lebowski. What a poetic movie. It’s great. I think it was better watching it this time than the first time I saw it. Bryan and Veronica watching it for the first time also loved it.

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