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Posted on Wednesday March 05, 2008 at 1:00am in

Wednesday. Only two more days until I’m finally paid. It’s been 9 weeks without pay and I don’t have any more money left in my declining account for my meal plan. That means that I’ll either have to eat just one meal a day, or have a lot of cash or something. I guess I can’t afford to eat 2 meals everyday, but I can’t afford to stock my room with alternative food, so… Now I’m out completely. I signed up for rooms yesterday, I’ll be in the same room and dorm next year. I’m trying to think of cool dorm layouts, I want to have at least a snazzy set-up if I’m going to be stuck in the same spot. If that Study Abroad thing doesn’t fall through then I’ll only be living there for a semester and spend the rest of the year in Japan. I miss Japan. But, I also want to go to China, Australia, and Russia.

I’m still considering majors – I’m currently still a Psychology major but the other one I’m thinking of is Economics. If I major in Economics I wouldn’t have to go to Graduate School to get a job right out of college. I still could go of course, but I wouldn’t have to go right away like I would with Psychology. Psychology is very interesting, and I would love to be a Psychologist, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that much more school. What do you think?

I started a fitness program thing today. Well, not really. More like I just made one up and started doing it. I’d never really done workouts before so I just figured I’d go down to the fitness room, work out for an hour and then repeat every day. If I got tired out then I’m doing it right, if I didn’t get tired out then I’m not doing it right. So, I did that and I got tired out so I’d say it was pretty successful. I’ll just have to keep doing that on my free hours.

Oh, and Bryan and I are going to go see that Paris, Je t’aime movie on Saturday. Also, I found a watch I like:

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