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Happy March!

Posted on Sunday March 02, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

This is gonna be a long one. First off – I turned in my study abroad application and I had my interview with an international studies adviser for Kansai Gaidai. She marked me off as “Highly Recommended” for the trip. So, now that that’s all turned in, I don’t have to worry about it for a while. On Tuesday after the interview we did library club. This week: United 93, Raise the Red Lantern (Chinese foreign film), Disturbia, Crash, and Little Nicky (Bryan hadn’t seen it yet). On Thursday I saw Distrubia, which was okay. It was … ya-know: A summer film, which is what it was. I heard a lot of people talking about how good it was so I thought I’d check it out but it was definitely nothing special. On Friday after classes I watched United 93 which was very good. Very exciting and also very sad. That’s pretty much what I expected though. Overall, it was better than I thought it would be. I think they did a great job.

For those that don’t know, it’s a movie about one of the hijacked planes on September 11, 2001.

A person Bryan and I work with (his name is Paul) was showing some Japanese students around the campus this week. Paul wanted us to get to hang out with them on Friday since he knew we were interested in that kind of thing. So, we went to the recreation center and went bowling with them. Followed by some pool. Something amazing happened when we were playing pool. It was two of the students versus Bryan and I. All balls were in except for the 8-ball. I took a shot, hit the 8-ball, and the cue ball bounced off the table. Seconds later, the 8-ball went into the pocket, losing the game for us. Best loss ever, I’d say.

After that, we were all invited over to Paul’s house for a party he was having. Niji (we went to high school with him) showed up and tagged along. As for the party, it was boring so we didn’t stay that long. Bunch of noisy people yelling and dancing to sucky rap or something. We wandered around Water St. for a while, mostly people watching. Then, we went over to Racy’s coffee shop. On the way, I found a $5 dollar bill on the ground (niiiice!) so I got to actually order something at the shop. We hung out there for a while and then decided to start the journey back towards Bryan’s dorm. When we got back we watched Little Nicky (which by the way was not as good as I remembered it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Pretty horrible.) After that, it was about time to call it a night.

Today I woke up and went over to Bryan’s work to eat lunch. After lunch, I came back to my dorm and it was 2pm. I thought Veronica would be coming over to do something since she always complains about how I don’t spend enough time with her. But, her friend Sam was in town so she was out for who-knows-how-long. I decided to put in the movie Crash. This movie also exceeded my expectations.

It’s mostly about racial tensions in Los Angeles. Living in the north, I don’t really even consider race an issue but it seems a lot of people are still struggling with it if this movie is an accurate representation of reality (it’s a 2004 movie). It’s not like Wisconsin is that racially diverse anyways. I thought that this movie would touch more on sexism too, but I hardly saw any of that (other than typical male/female stereotypes). It was interesting and held my attention. I’d say this is a recommended film. It was very sweet and touching in spots, also sad. The only con I’d say is that by bringing these racial problems to the surface on the big screen they may also be acting against their goal and perpetuating these racial stereotypes simply by having them in the film. I suppose such things can’t be avoided with a movie of this type, though.

Veronica finally showed up as the end credits started rolling. Bryan stopped by shortly after, because his shift was over. We went to eat, then Veronica left again. Bryan, Mike, Chris, Alex (old High School friend), and Dean (work friend) all went to see Jesus Camp playing at the Davie’s Theater. I wanted to see Semi-Pro at Carmike, but I’m kinda glad I saw this, too. Wow, lot of movies this week. This movie was pretty terrifying. It’s a documentary of the American Evangelical world.

They brainwash their young children into this hyper-religious world. They’re constantly referred to as soldiers and they always talk about how they’re at war with secular America. They call the children their hope for the future. A little child will believe anything you tell them. I don’t care how you slice it, it’s still brainwashing. This movie didn’t present itself as anti-evangelicalism, but rather as a neutral look. This is just my stance on the movie. The church leader was seriously scary. She was essentially, leading a cult with the children stuck in this lifestyle. It’s a scary world and I feel bad for these kids that don’t have much say in this. I wanted to find the speech that is given at the end, but I couldn’t. I guess you’ll just have to see this one for yourselves.

Oh, I saw this trailer for a movie that looked pretty good at Jesus Camp. I guess they’re playing this one next week:

After the movie we went up to Mike’s dorm. Mike taught me how to play Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on his electric guitar – that was a lot of fun. He’s going to start giving me lessons regularly soon. I’ve always wanted to play guitar!

Wow okay, that’s enough for today. Work in the morning.

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