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Grandma and Grandpa's Birthday

Posted on Sunday February 03, 2008 at 1:00am in

We went to Minnesota on Saturday to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa’s birthday (their birthdays are very close together). Everyone had a fun time.

After the party and I got back to the dorms I did some end of the week stuff like laundry and then went up to Bryan’s dorm to eat and watch Terminator 3 with Chris. We had just watched Terminator 2 the day before, but Bryan liked it so much he was ready to see the 3rd one right away. I liked Terminator 3 a lot, and so did Chris and Bryan. It’s a great series as it stands, but since there will be a fourth one (without Arnold this time) the conclusion is a bit uncertain. The 3rd one was a pretty good ending I think, so if they mess up the fourth one (which will take place during the epic war between humans and machines which everyone has been trying to stop from happening in the last 3 movies) then I can just disregard them making the fourth one (as I do with all bad sequels).

Today I worked at BITS until 4. I got to help more people so that was fun. After work I ate supper with Veronica and two of her friends. Then, we watched What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams.

It was alright. It’s about what happens after death and soulmates trying to find each other and blah blah. It wasn’t even an interesting take on death really. You go to heaven. Surprise. I mean how many movies have been made about that? Too many. The only neat twist they put on it is that after heaven, you can choose to be reborn if you want. Unless you go to hell. Maybe I was a bit harsh, it was still a very pretty movie graphically speaking. It had a few sad moments (sad is touching) and I’m sure that a lot of people would like it.

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