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Shabu Shabu!

Posted on Saturday January 05, 2008 at 1:00am in

is a type of Japanese food involving a large hot pot of mixed meats and vegetables. Bryan and Kevin both had it when they were in Japan and loved it. About a month ago, Bryan told me to me that over break we would have to get together, go to the United Noodles shop in Minneapolis and have a Shabu Shabu party. Today was that day. The line-up for the trip to Minneapolis was: Mike, Bryan, Larry (driver), and myself. We left at 9:40 and arrived at a Dim Sum restaurant called Jun Bo around 11:30. It was pretty good – we ate a lot of crazy stuff: cow intestine, chicken feet,…a crab (okay, not that crazy I guess but I’d never eaten it before). The restaurant was good, cheap, and the service was fast. After eating, we went to United Noodles. It’s an oriental grocery store where we knew we could get everything we would need for our shabu-shabu.

We had been to United Noodles before. We once took a trip to the shop for Japanese class followed by eating at Fuji-Ya. Speaking of Japanese Class, on Wednesday the whole Japan crew (minus Anna) reunited to go and give a talk to all of the Japanese Classes at Memorial High School about the Japan trip. We answered all their questions, told stories, and told them how important it was that they go! Anyways, we got all we needed for the shabu-shabu, minus the beef which we would buy back in Eau Claire. We got back, bought some beef, and went over to Bryan’s to start cooking.

We invited Kevin

and Veronica

aboard our merry Shabu Shabu ship. Kevin looooves Shabu Shabu and he was overjoyed to come. It’s always good to see Kevin, we don’t get to see him much now that he goes to school in Minnesota. Bryan’s family also enjoyed the food. It was a lot of fun.

After the meal, we went back to my place to watch Hot Rod (which if you haven’t seen, I really recommend). It was a pretty good day, and we will probably do shabu-shabu or something similar again sometime in the future.

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