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Finals Week, Semester 1, Part 1

Posted on Tuesday December 18, 2007 at 1:00am in

I just finished up with final number 2 of 4. Finals week is going well. Last night I had to study a lot for my philosophy final which I just got done taking, but it all paid off because I think I knew what I was talking about. The essay question I got was the one I was the most prepared for – I wrote up an entire page and a half for it, hopefully I got it all right. I also turned in my reflection paper for that class, and so now my Philosophy 120 class, Moral Problems in Contemporary Life is completed. As is my World History to 1500 class – In fact, I got back my historical fiction paper and I got a 100. Percent. I was more than a little surprised since that professor (whom I do like by the way) grades very harshly. The final I have no idea how I did. He said before the class began that we were not prepared for it, and I see what he meant. He in fact, didn’t even write the test. The test was written by professors at much more prestigious institutions such as Harvard. What a guy! Anyways, two down, two to go. I’m done with finals until Friday.



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