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Vista + Half Life 2

Posted on Wednesday December 12, 2007 at 1:00am in

Half Life 2 was being a jerk on my computer. It wasn’t running no matter what I tried. I waited a long time to play Half Life 2 I wasn’t going to give up on it. Larry gave me a copy of Windows Vista after I realized it would probably make it work. It did. Now, I’ve been enjoying Half Life 2 (a lot) and have Vista:

Looks great, runs a lot faster after the reformat, too. In school news, finals week is next week. I just finished up my final paper for Psychology and tomorrow is our last class meeting. Tomorrow will be great because after tomorrow, I’m basically all done with classes except for two more papers and finals. Ok, that’s not that great – the thing I’m most happy about is no 8am class anymore. Also, tonight Veronica and I watched Memento. It was really good, too bad I waited so long to watch it. It was very interesting the way they told the story how the main character saw it. Since he has a memory condition where he has no short-term memory, you see the story from the end to the beginning – and it was very good. Recommended highly.

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