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First Snow, New Fridge

Posted on Saturday November 10, 2007 at 1:00am in

Snow is starting to fall over Eau Claire. Kind of nice since we didn’t have snow for even Christmas last year, but I do believe in the future I’ll live in a place that is for the most part, snow free. Speaking of cold and cooling, yesterday when I got home I found a large black fridge in the middle of the room. Ben dropped it off and then left for North Dakota to go hunting, so I hooked it up and put all the stuff in it – now we have a new fridge that’s about twice as big as the old one. It’s pretty nice.

Oh, and there’s that snow again outside. On another note, I did very well on the philosophy test I took on Monday. I was a little concerned about it before the test, but I felt confident after taking it and my optimism held strong upon receiving the graded papers. I got a 100% on the multiple choice section – however he certainly is a very strict essay grader. Oh well, I got a good grade at least.

After classes, I went and cashed my paycheck and filled up my gas tank on the car. That fixed the rumbling problem it was having. Now it doesn’t shake like an electric razor on wheels when I take it on the freeway anymore. Another one of the joys that came from this week’s paycheck is I finally bought my first ‘thing’ in a long time. I ordered my graphics card for my new PC:

At work today, I basically unpacked boxes and met a lot of new people that just started. I checked out 2 Dave Barry books from the store, Dave Barry’s Money Secrets and Dave Barry’s History of the Millennium (So far). After work, Bryan came over to my place and we watched The Life of Brian – a Mony Python movie.

Well, I’m tired. Time for bed.

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