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Few New Things

Posted on Wednesday November 07, 2007 at 1:00am in

On Monday, Bryan and I went and got our flu shots. They were only 15 dollars on campus compared to the standard 35 at other clinics. Monday was actually a pretty busy day. I got the shot, had 4 classes, had to put air in my tires because the car was shaking when I took it on the freeway. Actually, I think it might be just because it’s always so low on gas. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill it up soon. Chris took a road trip to Madison this last weekend – would be nice to go somewhere sometime like that. Then, within an hour had to go finish off a sale for Vector, turn it in, eat, and go to work. I had to skip the eating part to make it to work on time, but I almost fit it all in. Then, 7 hours later, I was done with my 5 day work streak. That night’s movie was The Devil’s Advocate – it was alright. Nothing spectacular, but oh well.

Tuesday, just Japanese class. After lunch, I went and participated in a psychology experiment on spacial abilities in adult males and females. Went easy, was over in 45 mins and I get entered in a drawing to get a 50 dollar gift card to Sometime after that, Veronica came over but we didn’t do anything. I had to go get some soda and chapstick for winter from the store but she didn’t even want to come with. On the way out I realized that the front desk had food for sale at it, and I noticed someone picking up this delicious looking pizza, so I decided to order one for supper. It was just a Digiorno Supreme, but it was quite delicious. When I got back from the store, it was done – only 5.50 for a large. I don’t know how expensive that is for a frozen pizza, but it tasted really good and it’s cheaper than say…Toppers.

Today my World History class was canceled. So, I was done with classes at 11am. After class, Larry took Chris and me to Shanghai. We wanted Mike to go, too – but he had already eaten. Shanghai was great, afterwards I went over to Chris’s house since he gave me a ride to Shanghai. I came back and did some homework. I later ran into Mike at hilltop so I went to his dorm and played Guitar Hero III with him (which by the way, I’m terrible at) and then came back to my dorm to watch Unleashed. It was pretty good! Surprised it was better than the Devil’s Advocate, but I really liked it.

On a side-note, I believe I’ve picked out a new dream-car:

Lovely, isn’t it? It’s a silver jetta with black leather interior. Although, any jetta would be nice. They’re all pretty nice.

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