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100th Post Extravaganza!!

Posted on Sunday October 07, 2007 at 1:00am in

Woo-hoo! ↑Equilibrium has reached it’s 100th post! I don’t really have much planned for it, but I thought I’d just mention it. Basically, my entire weekend has been spent in training for Vector Marketing. I learned in agonizing detail, 6 hours a day, each day, on homecoming weekend… exactly how to sell knives. I mean they’re knives. You’d think they’d sell themselves, right. Anyway, after day one of training I was already sick of it. We have to roleplay with partners over and over and over for hours. I then found out that you don’t get paid for training, and we then have ADVANCED TRAINING 3 days in a row starting Tuesday. Friday night I went over to Bryan’s house because Alex was staying over for the weekend to visit the campus/dorms. He had fun. We watched Austin Powers II and talked for a while. Saturday…more training basically…Today I finally finished my training and set up some appointments!! Woo! My very first customer was Kathy and my dog Sierra was staying at her house. So, I got to see Sierra when I went to give her a demo! She loved the knives and she ordered a pizza. It was pretty cool. No sale, but lots of fun. After that, I went to Monica’s house to give her mom a demo. They both had a lot of fun with the knives. No sale, though. All together, I made 24 dollars. Pretty good day! Can’t wait to get some more appointments and sell some. Oh, and Waldenbooks called. I think they want to hire me since I’ve already done an interview there. I’ll call them Monday and hopefully get a job there too. With Vector I can set my own hours… So I can have a steady job and then sneak in knife selling on the side to get lots of money. Kathy offered to make my business cards. That would be pretty cool.

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