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Parents' Weekend

Posted on Sunday September 30, 2007 at 1:00am in

Happy Fall! This weekend was Parents’ Weekend at UWEC. It’s a weekend for the parents of the students to come over here and have fun with us. The first night I met Dad, Mom, and Mackenzie at the recreation center and we got food there. Then, we went moonlight bowling. I did pretty well, came within 2 pins of Dad’s score. Mackenzie didn’t play. After bowling, we went to Higher Ground for a casino thing. They give you 1,000 in fun money to go to all the different tables and place bids and stuff. I won a coupon to Noodles and Company. After the casino, it was about 10:30. I went over to Bryan’s house and watched the end of Thank You For Smoking with him. The following day, we went to a continental breakfast at the Dulany. There wasn’t really much there I felt like eating. We browsed the bookstore and we got shirts and then tried to go to the planetarium, but it was full. Also, due to the rainy weather, the picnic was called off. So, we ate at the Davie’s center. We came back to my dorm and watched some of The Office, then they left.

After they left I did all my laundry and applied for some jobs. One paid $11 something, and the other one paid $12.95 with guaranteed contact. Woo! Hopefully K-Mart calls though, I applied there on Tuesday. I had supper with Bryan and watched Saw with him. It was his first time. Today Veronica came over and had lunch with Bryan and I. I wanted to go bowling but no one felt like it (guess I won’t get to use that coupon). Oh, by the way. I’ve been doing that Picture A Day thing like I mentioned.

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