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Posted on Sunday September 16, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was a pretty full day. I woke up, Bryan called and said to come outside to meet him by the bus stop. Bryan, Carrie, Ryan, Ryan’s girlfriend and I waited for the bus for about a half hour when we realized it wasn’t coming. Either it was because of special events going on downtown, or the buses don’t run on campus on Saturdays. We walked downtown because Bryan wanted to go see it. Turns out we picked a pretty good day because there was a whole bunch of events going on. We stopped by Bryan’s Taekwondo dojo and I met his teacher – that was pretty cool.

After that we ate at the Acoustic Cafe (first time) it was really good. I just had a roast beef sandwich but it was quite tasty. After eating, Carrie, Ryan and his girlfriend left. Bryan and I went to the library to get some stuff and then took the bus to his house. He grabbed some stuff he needed and we got a ride back to the dorms. Veronica met up with me later on and we went to a cookout in her neighborhood for some free supper. After eating there was this huge inflatable battle arena where we did battle:

I won by the way. After the cookout, we met Monica and her friends at Buffalo Wild Wings because they were in town. It was nice to see them again!

After they ate, I got a ride back to Bryan’s dorm. We started watching Alpha Dog and then Tommy and Jeff came back – followed by Chris. After the movie we watched an episode of the Office and then I came back to my dorm. Good times.

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