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Posted on Thursday September 13, 2007 at 1:00am in

The second week of class is coming to an end, and not much is new so I’ll make a post about what’s new in the world of what my friends and I have been watching/listening to. This is just a quick run through, of course. We watch way too much in order to be contained in one little post. Here are the highlights: if you are looking for some entertainment.

First and most importantly, BLEACH. If you don’t watch BLEACH, you should be.

Number of episodes: 140, 1 movie and counting. Basic plot: 死神(Death Gods) are beings that come from a world called “Soul Society,” or heaven to send lost souls on Earth to their world. However, many souls become corrupted while wandering the planet and turn into monsters called Hollows. The story follows young Ichigo Kurosaki and his ascension to becoming a Death God and his travels from there on.

Next, Death Note. This series is great. If you like an anime that makes you think, leaves you amazed and craving more…look no further:

Number of Episodes: 37 and 1 movie. Basic Plot: Yagami Light – God of the New World. After obtaining a supernatural notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it, Yagami begins passing judgment on the criminals of the world. Not long after, the police begin to notice that some omnipotent being is killing off all the criminals. They hire a Sherlock Holmes like detective known as “L” who takes the case of catching “KIRA,” which soon becomes Yagami’s nickname.

The final show on the list is Blood+. It’s okay, I haven’t seen the entire series yet. Basically, it’s about an anemic schoolgirl named Saya who kills things with a sword.

Number of Episodes: 50 and 1 movie prequel. Basic Plot: See above. I don’t really understand it yet, I’m only on episode 16. I also have yet to see the movie, which I guess is supposed to be seen before the show. Saya is anemic and needs frequent blood transfusions. She is taken in by the Otonashi family with no memory of her past. The show follows her searching the world for her origins, and why her blood is able to kill the strange monsters that plague her journey.

New Music:


Five Star Iris:

Monkey Majik, 「空はまるで」(What’s with the cowboy hat?)

And Finally, Asian Kung-Fu Generation:


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