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Posted on Monday September 10, 2007 at 1:00am in

First Monday of classes today – my biggest day of the week with 4 classes. First, math. I hate math, but it was over soon enough. I don’t think I’ll be liking Thursdays anymore since I have an hour and a half of math at 8 in the morning on that day now. After math, it was philosophy (love it), then Japanese (had a quiz, was easy), and finally World Studies (was good/interesting). After class I came back to the dorm and went to take a nap, but then Veronica got out of school and came over. We went and looked at a big poster sale on campus; lots of good posters but nothing affordable for a budget of $1. After poster browsing, we came back to the dorm and she came with Ben and I to look for a couch. Or as Bryan says – “Futin.”

We got a futon. Nice color of black, only $100. We looked around at 3 stores, came back around 6:30 and finished setting it all up by 7:15. It didn’t take too much time and now we have a nice place for laying, sitting, napping, watching TV/movies, ect. We ate and did a bunch of homework, and that was the day. A pretty good first Monday. Tomorrow I have my favorite day – 1 class, Japanese, starts at noon. Then, Shanghai Bistro for lunch. I filled out an application for that restaurant today, Larry says they’re hiring.

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