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It's Almost Like I Can Touch You!!

Posted on Tuesday September 04, 2007 at 1:00am in

On an unrelated note, I had my first day of classes at the UWEC. It was only one class, only 50 minutes, and only Japanese. It was fun though. Mike and Larry are both in my class and I sit right by them. The Japanese so far seems pretty easy, guess I’m really getting used to it. Hopefully. I have a paper due Friday about my summer vacation – sounds pretty easy. We learned some ‘new’ kanji, I already knew them so I guess I don’t need to study them anymore. Although, I didn’t know that 紙 was the kanji for paper. It fits because 手紙 which is “letter” has the same kanji in it. After class, we met up with Bryan and had lunch at the Terrace. I hung out with Bryan for a while and then I rode around on the bus. Met up with Dad and he gave me a ride to Memorial. I found my way to Office Max and met up with Veronica and we did some school supplies shopping. Then, we had supper at Burracho’s. Tomorrow is the first day of her senior year. And tomorrow, I have 3 classes. And it all starts with math… In the morning.

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