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Balls of Fury!

Posted on Thursday August 30, 2007 at 1:00am in

Finally, it’s here! The long anticipated Balls of Fury. It didn’t disappoint, it was great. I loved it, from beginning to end it was perfect. I don’t see how they could have done it better! Also, what a great concept. A movie about…ping-pong. Perfect. Already they had a winner!

Today was yet again busy. I woke up, packed some stuff, went with Dad, Mom, and Mackenzie to get school supplies for Mackenzie. We ate at Panera for lunch (haven’t eaten there in a while). Then, came home and I went to help Veronica move the last of her stuff in a great rush before the cleaners showed up. We finished at 7:30, which is when the movie started. Veronica had to go get her mom and her mom’s stuff to her new house and so we had to get her ticket for her. She missed the first few minutes of the movie, but that’s alright. At least we’re done with her moving, and we got to see the movie. Things ended up working out all right after all. After the movie was over and we all talked about how much we enjoyed it, we came home, ate, Veronica handed out her gifts she got for everyone in Hong Kong, and then packed up the rest of my stuff. All that’s left basically is the fridge, this computer, and my alarm clock (needed for tomorrow). It’s weird having my room empty, and no TV to look at on my right… feels strangely silent.

Tomorrow I get to repeat the moving process all over again! Thankfully, only lasts 2 hours. I wake up tomorrow at about 6am, move from 8-10am, then rest probably. Then, the next day I have phase II orientation all day, woo! Also, I believe Veronica’s mom goes home on Friday. Next post: dorm pictures.

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