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$231 in textbooks

Posted on Tuesday August 28, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was another long and busy day. I woke up and drove Mackenzie to dance lessons at 10am (last one I think?) and then went over to Veronica’s to help move some more. We got one trip over and it was already 2pm and I had to go get my college textbooks. It started pouring rain about as I got there, so I was soaked by the time I made it to the shop. Dad and me went around picking up all of the books on the list, and the pile got heavier and heavier… Became apparent that I was going to have a lot of books. For Japanese class alone I have 5 textbooks. All in all, it was $231. Crazy. We came home and had subway for supper (I didn’t have time to eat before that), and that was about it. I have to start packing up my own stuff now to move on Thursday. The good news is – Balls Of Fury comes out tomorrow, and Veronica has to be out of her apartment by 5pm tomorrow. That means that no matter what, that will at least be out of the way by tomorrow.

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