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Veronica Comes Home!

Posted on Monday August 27, 2007 at 1:00am in

Veronica came back from Hong Kong today after being there for about a month and a half. Her mom came with to help her pack the rest of her apartment up. They got back to Eau Claire Passenger Service at 9:15 and I drove over there to meet them. We brought all of their luggage back to her apartment and started unloading it. Roman left bags/boxes everywhere around the house, with the main storage house of goods being in Veronica’s room. She brought back some nice gifts like this DS-Lite Micro SD Card with lots of games on it, including the awesome Taiko-DS game! (I played it in Japan with Bryan and Kevin at the arcade). Who would have thought it would translate so well? I love DS…

And also, this amazing new webcam. The picture is about 100 times better.

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