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Posted on Saturday August 18, 2007 at 1:00am in

I’ve been waiting quite a while to see this movie, and apparently it was the movie to see tonight because the theater was packed even on the last showing. It’s opening night, Bryan and I were planning on going to see it. Then, I invited Kevin because we want to hang out with him before he goes off to Minnesota for college. Then, we also invited Magan (Kevin’s girlfriend). Magan had to work until 10pm, so we planned on the 10pm showing. That meant that the tickets would be full price, unless of course we got the tickets from Mega Mart which sell coupons for the theaters at a set price. I went and picked up tickets for everyone with Dad and then went over to Kevin’s house. Bryan and I hung out at Kevin’s for a while, then went to the theater to exchange the coupons for tickets. Unfortunately, since Superbad was the movie, they weren’t accepting discount passes. So we had to pay $8 something for the movie, and then had 4 coupons which were $6 each left. And then the movie started 30 minutes late (45 minutes late after the previews). At least the movie was pretty good. Interesting, lots of laughs, but Bryan made a good point – it’s basically American Pie with high school students. There’s a lot of ‘questionable morals’ and in the end no one does ‘the right thing’. But, that’s perfectly fine with me. One more movie crossed off the list, next up: Balls of Fury! Oh yeah, my mouth still hurts a lot by the way.



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