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The Best Commercial Ever

Posted on Friday August 10, 2007 at 1:00am in

Kevin showed this to me:

Hilarious. Today I applied to seven different places. One of them was hiring, which was Gamestop. That would be a pretty cool place to work. I was supposed to hear back from Target by today, but I haven’t. Today I applied to Blockbuster, Borders, WaldenBooks, Gamestop, Holiday Inn, FYE, and Carmike. Quite a lot of work filling out those applications! Hopefully it pays off, otherwise – the job hunt continues. In side news, I get my wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday. Rejoice… Also, I got a haircut. Reiko-chan (怜子), my host sister in Yokohama has been keeping in touch via email! It’s summer vacation time now in Japan. I won the parking pass lottery at UWEC, so I get a parking pass for the semester! (Or for the entire year, not sure). Anyway, that’ll be handy to have a car there if needed. Later in the day today, I went over to Kevin’s house and we watched Hot Fuzz with Magan, which I’ve been wanting to see. It was really good. Seemed really long though, for some reason.

This movie is amazing. Very, very funny.

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