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The Simpsons Movie

Posted on Friday July 27, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today The Simpsons Movie came out. Finally. After about 18 years of running, I’m surprised they haven’t had a movie yet. How can you run a TV series so long without a movie? Either movies aren’t an important thing to the creators or they were saving up all their good material for a long period of time to create this. I choose to believe the latter. My parents, Bryan, Alex (Bryan’s brother), Tommy, Ryan, and I went and saw this today. We got their super early expecting it to be packed, but we were the first ones in the theatre, and it didn’t even fill up. Then again it was a Friday afternoon… The second showing. Third if you count the midnight one. Anyways, the movie was brilliant, certainly not a let-down. It was very funny, and fulfilled all of my Simpsons Movie desires. In other news, tomorrow is the Japan Trip DVD party. Can’t wait.

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