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The Last Harry Potter Book

Posted on Saturday July 21, 2007 at 1:00am in

I’m a casual Harry Potter fan. I’m not like some crazed fanatics that I witnessed tonight. Anyway, I reserved my copy a few days ago so that I wouldn’t have to wait, and also it saves money. I get 40% if I reserve online from Borders. The only condition is I have to go to the midnight release – no big deal. I went, and it really is a huge event. (see cellphone photos above). They categorize you into 5 different color categories with wristbands. Mine was silver, meaning I had a reserved copy. I was there and I still had to wait an hour just to get the book, and there was a big countdown with cheering and throwing of hats at the release. And after that big countdown it was still another 20 minutes (really) until the line started moving. Crazy. Although, I am happy to have participated in such a big peace of history, such an end of an era. Well, that’s not true – there’s still the last Harry Potter movie to come out. And, I am curious to see how the book ends. I’m sure by tomorrow all of the die hard fans will have spoiled it for everyone. I for one will be taking my time with the book. Like I said, casual fan… Well, that was basically my day. It was also my parents’ anniversary, so they went out to dinner and they got new cellphones for each other. Mackenzie also finally got a new cellphone so she was very excited about that. I still like the new one I got for my birthday.

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