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Bowling Night

Posted on Friday July 06, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was pretty ordinary. I had the day to myself, since Veronica was packing. Of course, I didn’t do much with it. I just slept in and thought of things I could maybe do…by then, it was dinner time. We ate hamburgers and hotdogs, and shortly after Tommy called. He asked if I wanted to go bowling with a bunch of our friends and he said Bryan was thinking about going. I called Bryan and I said “mmmkay” and we decided to go bowling. At…10:30. How handy that the bowling alley is open until 2am in the summer! I picked Veronica up and we all went bowling. The first game wasn’t good for me, kind of a ‘warm-up’. At the end of the first game, I got the hang of it and settled into a nice pattern. I got a 135 on the second game, me and Veronica beat Bryan pretty bad. I think Veronica got a 117 or something on that game. A lot better than she usually does. After bowling, we went to Wendy’s because Veronica wanted chili. We tried walking through the drive-thru, but they “don’t take walk-thrus”, so we went to Taco Bell. Then, to Tommy’s to view his recently assembled, amazing new computer. Bryan just set it up yesterday:

The new AMD Processors have a speed of 5.6… Wow. That’s a nice computer. Tommy put on Ocean’s Twelve, and cute little Bryan fell asleep on the couch:

U-hu-hu-hu! I told him this was going on the internet…

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