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Evan Almighty, Children Of Men

Posted on Sunday July 01, 2007 at 1:00am in

Thursday Veronica and me went and saw Evan Almighty, the Bruce Almighty sequel. It was “okay” I guess. Not nearly as good as Children of Men which I saw today. It was sad, but a very good story – sure it’s a bleak future, but it’s done in a unique way. If I were you, I’d skip Evan Almighty…It may have a great actor as the lead, but they really don’t use him well. I’d see Children of Men instead. And, if you’ve seen it already…then I’d go see it again or something. Today was Monica’s Graduation Party! It was fun, I got her a funny card… It was a Congratulations! card, but it was a Congratulations for Joining the Air Force card… So I bought it and crossed out every instance of “Air Force” and “Career” with “Graduation”. She loved it. After the party, Veronica came back to my house. We had a fire, hot dogs, smores, played badminton, played DS (by the way, Veronica is getting really very skilled at Shonen Jump…Probably better than me already, and I just gave her the game), and rented movies. Along with Children of Men we rented Shawn of the Dead, which I’ve yet to watch. She says it’s really good, but I’ll see. Oh, and Family Video is hiring. That was the night – only about two more weeks before Veronica leaves for Hong Kong for the rest of the summer…

Ah, and in computerly news – I updated my system a bit. Gaze closely:

Looks like Vista, right? Wrong! It’s just XP, which I customized until I got it to the look of Vista, with the sidebar apps from Google. I like the look of Vista, and the sidebar, but other than that XP seems to be way better. This way, I win both ways.

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