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Beautiful Yokohama

Posted on Saturday June 16, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was a free day with our Yokohama family. Turns out my host family here had James, a student from the same Japanese class last year as an exchange student through the same program. Also, he came back the following year and stayed with them for a few days. I can see why, this family is very fun. Today, Bryan came with us on our free day because his family was busy that day. But, it was a lot of fun with Bryan. First, my family and me left the house by foot. Just outside of the house, there is a small dog house for すぴか, their dog:

When we got to the train station, my family said that someone tried to kill himself by jumping in front of the train, so it was going to be a bit late. Apparentally that happens all the time here. When we met up with Bryan, we took a boat ride called the Sea Bass through Yokohama Bay:

Very pretty. When we got to the main city, we got to roam around the city for about 45 minutes, taking lots of pictures. Oh, and we saw a Japanese clown, too:

A dog takes a peaceful nap in the streets of Yokohama.

Yokohama is a very pretty city, also very clean. All of the cities in Japan are very very clean. When we met up with the family again, we went to a big shopping mall 6 floors high.

I saw a shop exclusively for Pokemon there. It was a very big shop, too… wow. And then, we found out that the 6 floors was just a tiny part of it, and the building was 69 floors high. On the top, there is an observatory, called the Sky Garden – the highest Observatory in Japan. To get there, we got to take the fastest elevator in Japan… At 790 meters per minute, we ascended 69 floors and made it to the top:

After coming down, we went to Chinatown to meet Reiko-chan. Chinatown:

We had lunch in Chinatown, and then Bryan went home. I wanted to teach my family how to make smores, so we went and got smores ingredients. They all loved it. They had me write down the recipe for them, and they were all very pleased. After smores, I met their dad for the first time – he’s always working. He comes home early on Saturday’s though, so we met. Then, we went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for Sukiyaki and a lot of snacks. The sukiyaki was very good. We took すぴか for a walk and played volleyball for a bit, and then I did laundary and went to bed.



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