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Scenic Japan...

Posted on Thursday June 14, 2007 at 1:00am in

たくさん 写真がある。 よこはまのホストファミリはナイスコンピューターがあるから:


I could post pictures forever, really. I have over 500 so far… I filled up my first memory card pretty quickly. Today we went to the Meji shrine, and it was amazing. I bought an Omikuji charm, and we went to the Harajuku district where I bought a bunch of things… a nice hat, a harajuku necklace loop, a bracelet for Veronica, and 2 shirts. From Harajuku we went to Shibuya which is basically like Times Square only in Japanese. There were posters for 300 everywhere, because it just came out on June 9th in Japan. A lot of people wanted to go see Die Hard 4.0 but it started too late. After Shibuya, lots of train riding (which I am getting very sick of) and lots of walking with very heavy backpacks, we arrived at the Yokohama high school where we met our new host families. Mine is all girls. The dad works a lot so I probably won’t meet him until Saturday. They’re all very nice. One is 16, the other 12, and they’re pretty funny. They like manga a lot, so we exchanged manga stories and things like that. After a lot of talking we came home and ate dinner which was very good. I won’t make a hard copy journal entry on this since I can blog so easily here. However, here is last night’s hard copy:

Sent two post cards home today. 1 for parents, 1 for Veronica. Long day. We left our host families in Showa to come to the Youth Hostel in Tokyo where I bought a lot of gifts for family. Tehre is a lot of train riding here. Pretty sure I’m getting sick of it. We went to the Imperial Palace today. It was very big, lots of walking… So tired. But, it was very pretty. I got lots of pictures, it was worth it. After the Palace we came back to the hostel for some rest, which we didn’t really get becasue we only had a short time. We went to check out Tokyo night life from 5pm-10pm. We ate Mosburger for lunch, and hit the arcade. The Taiko game is very fun.
My camera is getting filled very quickly. I thought ‘Surely 512 MB will be enough for the trip…’ Only 70 photos left on this card – with many days to go. I’ll need to get a new one soon :( Larry got the DS-Browser to work and it’s really neat! We went to the Tokyo Car Show after a lot of train riding. I_t was interesting for about 4 minutes and then we entered our first Japanese McDonald’s. We all ordered the 「MEGA・TERIYAKI」 The messiest burger on the planet. でも、おいしかったです。 We browsed all of the amazing shops and saw tons of cool stuff. Then, at 9:00, met back for a group picture near Tokyo-night skyline. No rain or clouds…very nice weather. In fact, fierst night aside it’s been very nice weather. When we got back, I called Veronica and went to bed.



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