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Days 2 and 3

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2007 at 1:00am in

Another exerpt from hard-copy Japan journal… Got cable for pictures but it takes a fortnight to transfer on this ancient PC. So, I’ll upload next chance I get. So, until then, enjoy the pictureless text:

I’ve typically been very tired at the end of each day. So many things to do on such limited energy… Sad. My host family gave me a computer to use last night. I got in touch with Veronica and she was overjoyed to hear from me, but my parents haven:t responded yet. My host dad got me a USB cable to connect my camera to the PC but 1 image takes approx. 1 fortnight to upload on this old PC. So I:m like… ‘…yeah.’ Maybe at the next host family. It:s kind of sad, you just get settled in and already it’s time to move. Tomorrow we leave for Oosaka. My host family is very nice. Today I mentioned I liked ramune. Then they took me out shopping and bought me many different kinds of ramune. Strange. Up until then I hadn:t even seen ramune. In fact, I was sorely disappionted in the lack of ramune in Japan. I really like the bathrroms here. Well, wait no. Shower-rooms. yawn

Day 2

Daruma Factory. We got to make our own Darumas. I made one but it didn:t really turn out. I wrote 愛 (the kanji for love) on mine. After Daruma factory, we went to the conveyer belt sushi restaurant. It was good. At the WonderGOO store I got very impressed. Multi-colored PSPs, rows and rows of new cell phones, millions of manga, movies, games, ect. I just wanted to buy them all. So many things are there that aren’t available or released yet in America.
I bought a nice DS-Lite cover, a DS-Web browser, works anywhere with Wi-Fi, and lastly, a GTO manga (volume 24) which was only ¥390。 Such cheap manga here. I like to buy the original versions. When I got home, my host mom asked me ‘do you know DS?’ and pulled out her fancy DS ina cool covering. Wow. She ahs a game that teaches her english! Also, she’s been studying english for 6 years. Communication isn’t a problem. The dinner table is a good place for conversation. After dinner, I usually go to bed – email, and write here, and watch TV.

Day 3 小学校に行きましょう!

Ever been a celebrity? I have! The elementary school kids loved us. I think I signed about 100 autographs. Not much to say other than that. The playground was cool, everyone is incredibly friendly, and Bryan didn:t understand a word of what was giong on. We went through a normal school day. Lots of games, lots of english classes, and a calligraphy class. Our kanji to write was:道(みち) Road.
After school, we met with our families. We went ramune shopping and then to pachinko. It was fun, but very confusing, and very loud… Also, I lost. I wanted to take a picture but it wasn’t allowed. However, I did get a picture of the outside. For dinner, we had sukiyaki. It was very good – best Japanese meal so far!

ドルー ・ 二千七年六月十三日火曜日



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