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Off To Japan

Posted on Friday June 08, 2007 at 1:00am in ,

Well, the time is finally here. Tomorrow at 3:30pm, our direct flight from Minneapolis International to Tokyo, Japan takes off. After all the graduation parties were over, it was time to start getting ready. We spent most of Wednesday shopping – I got new shoes, whole buncha clothes, host family gifts, some english-japanese dictionaries and phrasebooks (hopefully won’t even need them!), new sunglasses, alarm clock, ect… After all that shopping I was tired. And I had woken up at 7am that day because my parents woke me up (they had been on the phone with the passport center) and said I might not get to go to Japan. We had a huge ordeal with my passport, and it was looking like I wouldn’t even get to go on Wednesday. Thankfully, after 4 hours on the phone with senators and passport service, 10 hours in the car (driving to Chicago), and 11 hours waiting in line (no sleep yet) we got my passport. Dad and me left Wednesday night at 7pm and arrived in Chicago around 1am. We looked for a hotel, but they were all too expensive. Good thing they were – the line for the emergency passport issue building was already started at 3am. We went to sleep in our car, but I was thirsty so we woke up and walked around Chicago looking for something to drink. We went back to a fancy hotel and they gave us these really neat glass bottles of ice cold water – they were even sealed. We kept them as a cool おみやげ from the hotel we never stayed at. Then, coming back to our car we saw that the line was already starting. We hopped in line, still very tired, and waited. 11 hours later, we had a passport (and we were very lucky). We got home about 8pm on Thursday. Now, today, is the last day before Japan. I woke up again at 7am because all of that calling around also paid off. One of the higher ranking people we asked for help had gotten our passport overnighted from New Orleans. Now, I have two passports:

The one on the left is the Chicago one. The one on the right arrived in an emergency overnight car, in an emergency passport envelope. Close one.

Tony gave me the coolest shirt to wear to Japan for my birthday. I just got it in the mail today:

Isn’t that amazing? Note the yen coin on my necklace – the 5 yen coin was a birthday gift from my Japanese teacher, and Veronica added it to her necklace she gave me for Valentine’s Day on my request. I took Veronica out to lunch today for her last day of school. We went to Cancun and I love that place. I love Cancun. Veronica loves Cancun. It all works out. I brought her back to school for her last class of her Junior Year, and then came home to finish packing. After I finish packing, I’ll eat and then head over to Veronica’s house for an all night slumber party with no sleeping. I’m going to stay awake all night long so I can sleep on the first part of the flight tomorrow. How exciting – we’re gonna rent some movies, and play some games, and all that stuff. One last blogely note, I took off the Japan Trip counter, and the Blog Music is still on the bottom of the page. It’s not a very used feature (if used at all) and I’d rather people see the pictures first. But, just so you know – it’s down there if you want it. Well, off to Japan! Check back for updates and pictures :)

I leave the 9th and I’ll be back on the 25th.



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