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Last Day of High School

Posted on Thursday May 31, 2007 at 1:00am in

Congratulations! So then, now what?

Today, Mr. Ecker was talking about a poem called “The Station,” how everyone is trying to get to the end of the station, a place to get off the train. But there is no station. There’s always something next to do. The last day of high school is a landmark, but it has to happen sometime – for any progress to really happen. It’s not a big deal, really… Off we go onto more freedoms, bigger things, and so on and so forth. After high school, there’s college, there’s buying that new scion, there’s Japan, there’s Veronica, there’s finding a career…retirement… All that stuff.

Kevin practicing for his speech in Japanese class.

That being said, I had a good last day. I took the second half of my Japanese final and got a 26/30 on the speech, the most dreaded part. Hopefully, I can get that 89.14% to at least a 90% with this final. I have all A’s in that class and 100% homework, just the quiz books. Those stupid quizzes are so hard. I really wanted an A in that class this quarter. I really did try my best! The commencement ceremony for graduation is tomorrow. My graduation party is Saturday.

The very Saturday after that, I go to Japan. That day where we take off and fly straight to Japan is growing closer and closer. Every time I see someone around town or at school that is going on the trip I say “10 more days!” or “8 more days!” and “Isn’t it great?” or “How exciting!” But what I always forget to mention is that I’m really very scared. It’s a long time away from home, and a long ways away as well. Such a foreign country… I don’t know how it will all go. Scared for being away, scared of the plane ride (I really don’t like take off _), under confident in my Japanese abilities… Wish me luck.



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