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Econ Class and More

Posted on Wednesday April 18, 2007 at 1:00am in

I’ve been working on that website for Econ class as my big project. Here’s a screen shot of how it’s coming along:

How does it look? Pretty, yes? These last few days we watched Cinderella Man in Econ. Why in Econ? Because it takes places during the great depression and Mr. Ripp thought that it was a good way of seeing what the times were like. Anyway, the movie was … amazing, very exciting. It was great! It’s too bad I didn’t see it sooner…if it wasn’t for that ridiculous title.
I’ve been writing more Metal Coffin installments for Project:BAM! and also some articles (review for Aqua Teen movie + weird gift guide). We may get a story about Project:BAM in the local newspaper, the Leader Telegram. However, our school funding was turned down because it didn’t benefit Memorial enough.
Last night, Veronica got a new DS game – Bomberman! woo! We love Bomberman. Anyway, that’s all. Back to my List of things to do.

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