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Aqua Teen Movie + Other Thoughts

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2007 at 1:00am in

Today was Veronica’s ACT day. Also, our 5 month anniversary. So, I got up at 5 and went over to her house and brought her to her test center in Menomonie. After dropping her off, I went exploring for a while… (bought Metallica – The Videos DVD, yay!) it was about 4 and a half hours before she got out, but when she was done (at about 12:30) we went back to Eau Claire to celebrate our anniversary and her ACT being finished by eating lunch and seeing a movie. The movie was one I picked, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. Yes that is the title. Really. It’s a cartoon that sort of no one has heard of. Well, at least Veronica hasn’t – so I didn’t really know what to expect. Basically, it was really weird, and she didn’t get it. I thought it was hilarious, although, it did get very strange at times – I mean seriously. The plot is about an evil piece of exercise equipment gone horribly wrong, and also features the robot ghost of Christmas past from the future making out with aliens. Who am I kidding – I think we all know that the “plot” is more of a side-note in Aqua Teen. Anyway, it was weird. A plus is that all of the previews looked really good. Oh, and she did like the mooninites:

So…Other thoughts time?

Life: Is Good. I’m going to Japan in under 2 months!

School: Is okay, aside from math which I accidentally failed 3rd quarter (whoops). Gonna try and fix that, though… I graduate June 1st, and Prom is coming up April 28th :). I take Placement Tests for UWEC next Saturday, and will be attending that school in the fall – scary times!

Girlfriend: We’ve talked about a lot of things – future, living, ect. I love Veronica very much and we plan on staying together. Therefore, I’ll keep future plans disclosed for the time being.

Blog: What do you think? I don’t care for bloggers much, unless they’re humorous or they’re someone I know. That’s about the only reason I’d read a blog. I write this as mostly a journal, and a place to organize photos and stories for showing my friends. I love this blog, and I don’t plan to stop writing it anytime soon. I’ve actually had a few blogs before that I’ve shut down and started again – I hope to keep all of these posts for viewing through the years.

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