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Japanese Class is the Best!

Posted on Friday April 13, 2007 at 1:00am in

Alternate Title: 日本語のクラスは一ばん好きなクラスです!

Every now and then we get to do something really cool for Japanese class: leave class, go out to eat at a Japanese restaurant (we have lunch right after Japanese class) and then eat through Japanese class and lunch hour. Today was one of those days. Except, the restaurant was actually a Chinese restaurant called Shanghai Bistro – run by Larry Chan’s parents (this guy):

It was a lot of fun. Our Japanese class is so amazing, the people so fun to hang out with. I ordered a plate of cucumber roll sushi, and a beef and green pepper combination plate. It was sooo good, and pretty cheap for the wonderfulness of it all:

I like Shanghai Bistro a lot, this was my first time. The atmosphere is nice and it’s well decorated. Oh, and guess who our server was? It’s Liz! From Panera! Kevin and me used to work with her at Panera until she quit – guess this is where she ended up.

Small world.

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