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We went to Minnesota!

Posted on Saturday April 07, 2007 at 1:00am in

We went to Minnesota! Our maps:

Veronica drove (click here for picture, otherwise this post is gonna get too picture-ful). We first went to Hong Kong Noodles, a restaurant that Veronica likes. I got teriyaki pan fried noodles with beef, and they also ordered sesame chicken with rice. Everyone speaks Chinese there. The food was good, and then we went to the Hana Market… where many interesting things can be found:

Such as cactus honey (“the easiest way to enjoy cactus honey!”)

And a bucket of live crabs. Here’s Veronica ‘playing’ with one:

After we got back to Eau Claire, we ordered a pizza from Toppers – oh wow, Steak Fajita pizza from toppers is the best! Oh, and if you call, you have the option of listening to fighting ninjas. Enjoy that.



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