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Final Fantasy XII: Completed!

Posted on Sunday April 01, 2007 at 1:00am in

Yep, finally beat it! 70 hours of gameplay, man it sure took a while. I got this game for Christmas and pretty much played it whenever I had free time and it took me until now to beat it?? 70 hours of gaming in 4 months? A little sad, knowing that I don’t have much time for gaming! I am pleased however, with how amazing the ending was. I loved the ending for the game – Balthier is still amazing and Basch is still the best. Seeing all the characters develop and move on is really cool, too…since the characters are so well done. And I just have to say it…Basch becomes a judge! He takes over his brother’s spot to protect Lord Larsa. That was my favorite moment, I think. Ooh yeah, spoiler warning by the way. Might wanna watch that one. And for those of you that were caught off guard by the sudden spoiler, remember that it’s still April Fools’ Day… All hope is not lost, I guess. (No, but seriously that’s what happens).

Edit: Now onto Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII – not too impressed yet. I hear it’s a pretty ‘bleh’ game. But, as long as I’ve opened it, might as well beat it!



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