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Veronica's Birthday

Posted on Monday March 19, 2007 at 1:00am in

This will be a very picturerific post. First off, my sister and Veronica have the same birthday, March 18th. So, we had to celebrate them both yesterday. I woke up and talked to Veronica online, saying Happy Birthday and all that :). Then, the family went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Mackenzie’s birthday. We had wings and cheeseburgers, it was reeeally good. I had a feeling I was going to be full a lot today. (Foreshadowing: My prediction was very accurate…) Me my sister @ BWW:

After that we came home and I went to pickup Veronica, who was dressed up all pretty with her black skirt and kitten shirt I got her for V Day. We came home and I helped Mackenzie put more music on her mp3 player since it was her birthday and it’s what she wanted: the gift of my music. Then we had cake and ice cream and opened gifts.

Mackenzie and her friend, Sam in front – Veronica and me in back. The present I got Veronica was a Kingdom Hearts II wall scroll which she saw once and said she really liked. Well, the store that originally had it, did not have it last Tuesday which is when I wanted to buy it. So, online I went. I ordered it Tuesday and it arrived just in time, in a long mysterious mail package… She was nervous to open it. I got a really funny picture of her peaking in the box, but I wouldn’t embarrass her by posting that xD. Here she is discovering the gift:


Le Awww. After the food and gifts (further contributing to my fullness) we went out to Cancun for dinner (just me and Veronica). We ordered double fajitas, although we could have gotten just a single order seeing as how our combined efforts could only finish slightly less than half of the order… It was very tasty though, and she got plenty of leftovers :). I love Cancun. Try the fried ice cream:

It’s very tasty. Yet so fulllll… We went to Ron’s after dinner and picked up a few things for her grandma, then back to her house. We hung out there until I had to go home, but we were very tired by that time. What a day…

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