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300 + Other things

Posted on Saturday March 10, 2007 at 1:00am in

This weekend has already struck. And just as quickly as it hit us, half of it has already left. Sad, but a lot has been accomplished so far. I’ll start the the tale from Thursday. On Thursday, Veronica, Emily (a girl from our Japanese class), and me, went to Little Red to teach 4th graders about Japanese. We taught them words, how to introduce themselves, wrote their names in Japanese for them, showed them music, ect, ect. It was a lot of fun – though, it was a great thing we had Emily there to do most of the talking. Veronica and me aren’t really good at that kind of thing. At the end, they asked for our Japanese autographs, I thought that was pretty cool. Also, sensei gave us a bunch of candy to use as treats for the kids but we had lots extra so we ate it all. Yum-desu! Parents have been out of town this week, so it’s nice to have the house. I got some Ramune, which I really miss. Very tasty. Friday was a great day. After school, I went to Veronica’s and she put her painting for art class out, we went to the post office to mail her ACT registration form, and then we went to the mall to see 300. However, our showing got sold out while we were in line, so we instead bought tickets for the 7:00 (which also got sold out when we were seating). Then, we went and looked for chokers for her since she’s been wanting a new one. I bought her this one:

Pretty, yes? It has a Pisces sign on it, her zodiac sign. It’s adjustable to be a choker or necklace. We ate (p.s. – Arby’s has the best new sandwich: fajita beef flatbread) and then went and saw 300. It was a very pretty movie and well made. It’s plot was pretty linear I thought, but I thought it was good. Also, had Gerard Butler from Phantom of the Opera (naisu!) It was interesting. The books were divided into 5 different graphic novels. I think if they had shown the separation from book to book in the film, it would have had more of an epic feel. Doesn’t seem like the time felt right for the movie. It was very good though, Veronica enjoyed it as well. So, not too gory then, I hope?

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