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Sushi Night

Posted on Friday February 23, 2007 at 1:00am in

Wednesday we made sushi. A lot of sushi, and some Onigiri, too. Veronica has been wanting to make it for a while, so she can bring it to school. On the way home we stopped and got seaweed and some cucumber. Took 4 hours+ to make all the sushi, but it was really good…aside from the salmon sushi which I of course don’t eat! We had curry beef sushi + cucumber, terriyaki chicken, and just cucumber. Last night Veronica’s mom and grandma came in from Hong Kong. Took us an hour and a half to find the place to pick them up, but now they’re here and staying at her house…yay. So basically, means I don’t get to go over there as much… There’s another dilemma going on as well. Deciding about the Japan Trip in June. Either I’m going to Hong Kong with her and then Japan or we’re going to Japan together…I don’t know. More on that later. Oh, and by the way – the sushi was very good.

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