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So Little Time, So Little Money...

Posted on Wednesday February 07, 2007 at 1:00am in

There’s just not enough time in a day. I’ve been so busy lately, and I’ve been having to work a lot, plenty of homework coming in from my 4 AP classes and no study hall. My AP Lit/Comp teacher assigned the first 10 chapters of Jane Eyre in 2 weeks, and then after that assigns chapters 11-19 in half the time…same amount of pages. I don’t have enough time to read that, without sacrificing things like…sleep (something I don’t get enough of as it is). So, it’s to the rescue, I suppose. Last night I read up on the entire book, for the quiz today. The first part was easy, I got everything right on page one, and everything wrong on page 2. Page two was essay and I had no idea what any of it was talking about. Hm… Maybe I didn’t read closely enough. On top of the homework, and work…I have a band concert coming up on Monday (not ready…also very nervous), Pep band, Veronica’s mom might be coming from Hong Kong on Friday or Sunday, Tuesday I work again, and Wednesday is Valentine’s day…

Which reminds me I have to get Veronica a Valentines’ Day gift, and her brother a gift too since he’s leaving next Tuesday. And that brings up another issue: I have no money. I have approximately 3 dollars to buy those gifts. Not to mention car insurance ($358), Housing Fee for College ($175), gas money ($too much) and food ($too much). There’s also a lot of stuff I’d like to or rather be doing… I even made a list of stuff I’d like to do…but not doing because of all the things listed above: 1. Read GTO (almost done, volume 23 of 25) 2. Beat Final Fantasy XII 3. Beat Final Fantasy III 4. Beat Dirge of Cerberus 5. Play Talesweaver 6. Watch Full Metal Alchemist that Bryan gave me (which by the way, is a lot better than I originally thought. Thanks to Veronica and Bryan to talking me into it. I’m on episode 9…ish. I dunno, we watched it all day on the day off we had due to extreme Wisconsin cold on monday). and Finally, 7. Play Final Fantasy XI. This gets kind of a low priority, seeing as how I don’t have nearly enough time to play and I don’t feel like it as much now that I have Veronica around and she doesn’t have the game yet. Also, we can always play Talesweaver together. I’m excited for her to get it, and I’m probably gonna get Counterstrike to play with her and Bryan whenever I have enough money to get things I’d like to buy.

Examples: new webcam ($40), Counterstrike ($15?), and a mousepad ($29)…Yep. Doubt any of those are gonna happen anytime soon! (see above money issues). Is there good news, O My Brothers and only friends? Yes, dear readers. I’ve been upping my efforts and Japanese and I think I’m finally starting to get it. I dunno what’s up with that, but It’s really clicking now. Today in class we had to type up a letter to our penpals in Yokohama with no notes… I wrote out a page before anyone else finished theirs and looked at all the stuff I had written. I guess it hit me how much Japanese I actually know…rather than how much I’ve yet to learn, which is how I’ve always looked at it. More good news, O My Brothers? Valentine’s Day is sure to be fun, me and Veronica have plans for dinner, and then renting movies…or perhaps seeing a movie out? Maybe Action City. Who knows, the point is all of them sound like fun. And now, for more bad news: Veronica got sick yesterday, and is feeling pretty bad. She came home from school today after second hour and slept the entire day. Let’s hope she feels better soon…

Oh, and by the way for those who don’t get the reference: “O, My Brothers” is a much used line from the famous Anthony Burgess book, A Clockwork Orange. One of my favorite books, I must add.

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