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Posted on Thursday January 25, 2007 at 1:00am in

Stupid! The extra credit I was going to turn in for Psychology class was due today and I forgot to turn it in!! Sigh There goes my A in that class… Well, maybe he’ll accept it tomorrow or something, who knows. Today was my easy day for finals, I had 2 blank hours (Band since I already took the final, and Study Hall). The English final was interesting seeing as how I really didn’t know what I was talking about. We went to Great Wall Buffet for lunch (Veronica, Bryan, Tommy, Ryan, Melissa, Colin, and Me) and took pictures of us taking pictures of each other:

My best friend, Bryan:

I won’t do Colin the injustice of posting the one (unflattering) picture I took of him on the internet…You’re spared this time, friend. My last hour was physics and I dunno how that test went. It wasn’t so much a final as a unit test so I think it’ll be okay. Veronica got an E-squared award in her chem com class…very nice ;). I gave her a ride home and she took some good pics of my car [ 1, 2, 3 ] Yes, I realize my car isn’t very great, and yes I realized that someone wrote ‘hi’ on my mirror. But, I figure I might as well post a few. I had to work at 5, and me and Kevin worked together again. We spent the night exchanging quotes like: I spilled spot remover on my dog…now he’s gone, and 何これ?! We got out 20 minutes early, sweet! Tomorrow is my ‘not-as-easy’ day, unfortunately. I have only 1 blank hour, a hard psych test…and Math . groan I dislike math oh so very much…

Oh yeah, P.S> Veronica posted the previous post. She’s been into martial arts recently and wants to take it up again. She used to take it when she was little but stopped. Anyways, interesting stuff – you should watch the vids.

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