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Sunday Updates

Posted on Sunday December 14, 2008 at 6:43pm in

Well, I made it through this last long busy week. All papers, projects, and presentations are now finished. Let’s hope the grades are okay on them. Our presentation on Online Dating went well. Unfortunately, for some people in the class the Chancellor decided to oversee the class on their presentation day. One presentation on that day was particularly funny because during the presentation it became obvious that one of the members had no idea what apartheid was – she kept pronouncing it apart-theed and every time she did that the Chancellor winced. At the end of the presentation the Chancellor went up to her cleared his throat and said “ahem, the pronunciation is apartheid. Thank you.”

Anyway, all the remains to be done now is finals. My finals are all going to be easy aside from Japanese (which is always a needlessly long interview) and Asian Religious Philosophies. My Asian Religious Philosophies final is at the latest possible time for a final: Friday at 5pm. Despite it being finals week though, it will likely be the easier week of the semester. It’ll be the one time when I don’t need to wake up at any particular time. Every single day until now, including weekends I’ve had to get up fairly early. This entire next week I’ll get to sleep in since all my finals are either afternoon or evening tests. Also, on Tuesday night, as a tribute to everyone’s favorite pacifist we will be holding a Gandhi Fest.

I think my futon is on its last leg. It’s still usable, just not very comfy anymore. It has a few big dents in the seat area now, unfortunately. I guess it is a cheap futon and I don’t need it anymore after this semester, but I’d hate to just throw it away, it being my first futon and all.

Work is good. Office Max continues to be very entertaining.

My guitar quest continues. It’s going well, my current project is making a cover of Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s with Chris and Mike. Secondly, I’m learning this solo by Zakk Wylde: Farewell Ballad. I have Maps down perfectly, we just need to record it. But the Zakk Wylde solo is very difficult.

My final Japan Trip payment is due on Monday. All that I have left to pay for now is the plane ticket, and I don’t have to buy that quite yet. Also, I need to remember to pay my deposit to register for Fall 2009 classes before I leave. Only 3 and a half months to go until I’m in Japan. I’ve already had my last class before Japan, meaning next time I go to class I’ll be in Nagasaki.

I’m hoping to officially switch my major to Sociology before the semester ends, but I don’t really need to. We’ll see.

I tore a hole in the knee of my “good” jeans. I use the term good quite loosely as the bottoms of the jeans are all tattered and torn and the fabric is wearing thin. They are good in the sense that I liked them though. They were very comfy jeans, and now with the hole in the knee wearing them in this cold weather will prove even more troublesome.

Some weekend excerpts:

Friday. I helped Michael sell his trumpet on eBay. Sold Friday. Had my last two classes of the Semester. Went to work. On my way to the car I saw that someone was putting a ticket on it. Ironically, I had parked it there all night and until mid afternoon before returning to it and just as I am close enough to see it is the time they pick to ticket me. Although, this was only my second ticket of the semester so I can’t complain much after making this post earlier in the year: I sense many parking tickets in my future. But, I have been doing pretty well for parking tickets. I worked out a system where I always carry two dollars of quarters on me and that way if I can’t find a spot coming back from work, I can at least park it at a meter until after classes until I can move it.

After work there was no Japanese Coffee Hour because the last meeting was last week. So, Bryan and I went to my room and watched the X-Files movie (first one, not the second one). It was an incredibly average movie and not very good on its own. The producers made the film assuming that everyone watching it would be a fan of the television series. I think they should have approached it differently, but oh well. Maybe the second movie is better, I still intend to see that. After the movie, Yoojin and I went to dinner at Perkins.

Saturday. Woke up early to drive Yoojin to her flight at the Minnesota International Airport. She’s back in Korea now, but she’ll be back next month before classes start again. Drove home, did some cleaning and other sort of miscellaneous chores, took a nap until 6. At six, I woke up and cleaned up to go see Bryan. Bryan was busy studying for Calculus so I went to get something to eat. I came back and then Chris Agnoli wanted to do some shooting for his film: Metal Gear Solid 6 (aka Metal Gear Solid 5-2). Agnoli’s level of professionalism when it comes to filming is very high though, so it takes a lonnnng time to shoot a shoooort scene. This is the intro to the video (I think the only place he has it uploaded is Facebook, so you may have to be a friend to view it. If not, then enjoy). On Saturday we shot the next two scenes and it took a few hours. It was a car chase scene.

After we finished the scenes we went to Racy’s as per our Saturday traditions. It was good because I got a free drink from my buy 12 get 1 card. Alas, now I have to get 12 more before I can get another free one. Cruel is the world.

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